Ocean Direct Richmond Wholesale Alder Foods Elite Brands


We offer a full-line of seafood products to meet any of your needs.

All of our items are frozen to maintain integrity and freshness and can be ordered raw, cooked, breaded/battered, or further processed, such as crab cakes.

Our motto is simple: if you need it, we can source and process it! We are continuously adding items to our product list and working on new item innovations because we are focused on offering industry leading solutions.


Salmon Fillets, Halibut Steak, Sole Fillets, Trout fillets, Pollock Fillets, Catfish Fillets, Cod, Rockfish, Trout


Lobster Tail, Scallops, King Crab Legs & Claws, Shrimp (Whole, Tail-on), Shrimp (Whole, Tail-off)

Breaded Seafood

Crab Cake, Breaded Pollock, Battered Pollock, Breaded Catfish Portions, Breaded Shrimp (Whole, Tail-off), Breaded Butterflied Shrimp (Whole), Breaded Round Shrimp (Tail-off)